Building lasting relationships and developing a network for a lifetime has been a lifelong pursuit for Nick in his personal and professional experiences. Making connections and helping others get closer to their goals and achievements in life is a core belief of Nick and a major motivation for Nick in serving as CEO of Rockstar Connect, the largest evening networking events company in the United States. Having hosted over 2,000 networking events across the US and Canada, Nick has helped Rockstar Connect build a substantial international network of contacts and networkers. He continues seeking to add value to their lives and careers and making those relationships grow and flourish over time.


Nick's events have been featured on CBS, ABC and FOX Local Networks as well as local media publications and podcasts. In less than three years, as the founder of four event companies, Nick has planned, marketed and hosted over 2000 events across 150 markets in the United States & Canada. As an expert in event marketing, Nick specializes in helping professionals raise their status to become the local celebrity in their community.


Nick is currently active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and you can follow him and keep in touch with him through his social media handles on each platform.


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